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Ad Daddy is your advertisement partner. You never have to take any tension regarding promotion of your brand or business. We are the advertisement agency in Kolkata that offers all sorts of advertisement options. Be it print media ads, outdoor ads, online ads or the electronic media ads – we have experienced professionals to create and manage your advertisement campaigns.

As has been told above, Ad Daddy is your ultimate destination for business promotion, let’s now have quick look at our advertisement services:


Print Media – Classified Ads

Out of the various advertising media, print media remains one of the most effective media to advertise any brand, business or individual. It has always been a popular advertising medium. As print media agency in Kolkata we have tie-ups with...

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Print Media – Display Ads

Comparing with other ad types, display ads can reach the onlookers the best way. You never have to wait for the grace of the readers or the onlookers to find you out. Bigger display of your agenda means better reach. You can hardly find any other...

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Outdoor Advertisements

Apart from the effectiveness of electronic media and print media, the use of billboards, kiosks, banners and the likes still have their share of importance. Whether it is the highways, railway platforms or public transport....

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Web Media Advertisement

All the above media of advertisements can reach people at some specific place and time. But online advertisements can move with the onlookers or be found anywhere whenever they access the internet....

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Electronic Advertisement

Today’s fast paced life has forced us to use electronic media more than the print media. Moreover, it is convenient to listen to the radio or watch the television to get the updates about the world and its happenings. The increasing ...

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Ad Copy writing

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Ad Daddy partner for all ad campaigns

So what are you waiting for? Contact Ad Daddy today and see your business grow by leaps and bounds as your promotional campaigns would be the best from all your business competitors. Ad Daddy guarantees you to provide the best advertisement rates. So right from print media to electronic media, outdoor ads and of course, the online media – in all the possible ad platforms Ad Daddy is with you to give your business the best visibility through advertisement media.

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Ad Daddy is a fastest growing full service advertising and print media agency in Kolkata. It can help your cause of promotion reach the mass in the most effective way. Our wide promotion capabilities and a substantial reputation bring success to all our customer ad initiatives.

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